The SmartHome IoT Pi project is aimed towards creating a system capable of controlling devices over the internet from any device. Currently the system supports up to 12 Controlled devices and 1 DHT 2302/22 Temperature and Humidity Sensor. The main device ( G1 ) Can be triggered by temperature (with a DHT sensor) or time. The system uses Solid State Relays ( SSR ) or Switching Relays.


For beginners you can start with IoT Pi-R1 , use the on board relay control for the ON/OFF through the Internet ( you must have Internet with your Pi Wifi or Ethernet), All of our boards for the IoT Pi extension board are plug & play they have a model number & serial number that will need to match with our IoT Cloud database, our IoT Pi software runs in Pi furthermore it will detect the system and detect which type module board plug-in, and enable the function to collect the data & update to IoT Cloud.

  Additional items are support OLED screen to show extra info, last command sent and other information to go with your system   The advantage to using our system over another system is that everything is built for each other ( The Temperature sensors, the relays, and the screen ). The system uses the internet through WiFi or an Ethernet cable to connect to our secure servers which enable the website interface to easily communicate with your device.


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